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Multiple build server support/behaviour?

Nov 22, 2007 at 6:57 AM
Before I get too far into messing with this tomorrow, I thought I might be well-advised to post this quick question here in case I'm just going to end up painting myself into a corner tomorrow:

I am about to clone my current build server x3 so as to introduce some parallelism into the build process. I expect that I'll be making explicit ties between team build types and specific build servers, which is sub-optimal but quite fine in my current scenario. I'll also be adding a further 3 or so build servers within a couple of weeks, each helping parallelize some other build-process-driven activities (execution of automated testing suites, to be specific.)

Is TFSBuildLab going to keep these servers busy as it is coded right now? Or does it just see a single queue of builds it needs to process one at a time?
Nov 22, 2007 at 12:18 PM
Hi Jeremy,

Currently TfsBuildLab will just trigger builds on the buildserver specified in the BuildMachine parameter in the buildscript. Did you have anything particular in mind on how you would like it to work?

We will probably release v1.1 in a week or two with some minor updates before starting to look at a migration path to TFS 2008 for our users, our intentions are to let you just run an upgrade wizard to the built in functionality in TFS 2008.

Anyway let me know what you need and I'll see if it is something that we could accommodate easily. It would probably be rather easy to add a possiblity to list a bunch of servers along with the trigger that are to be used and just ignore what it says in the build script.

Nov 22, 2007 at 3:23 PM
Hey, Peter. Thanks for the quick response!

The functionality you describe as being in the current version of TFSBuildLab will certainly be sufficient, as I've already got people on-board with the caveat that there may be times when a build server is idle yet a build is queued, due to the static mapping of team build types to servers. In fact, they are more than just on-board - my peers, reports, and managers are all very very happy with the job TFSBuildLab is doing!

That said, if in a future version we were able to configure a list of usable build servers for each team build type and have the CI process feed a just-freed build machine with the oldest queued build that is configured to run on it, it would be truly awesome. Truly. I would literally have people doing high-fives, especially over on the QA team, where the current TFSBuildLab support for multiple build machines is going to be a large enough improvement but where this potential future functionality we're discussing would put the solution into an entirely different league.