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Adding a continous integration build

A contious integration build will enable you to trigger a particular build type when ever a checkin occurs in a specific path you provide. It is also possible to exclude particular folders or files from the path given which can be handy to prevent exessive triggering of builds. If a checkin triggers a build that fails the person resonsible for this build will be emailed with information about the build break, also a work item will be created see the user's guide form more info about how this works. To create a checkin trigger click on the new button in the lower right section and you will be prompted witht the following dialog:


When you add a trigger if the type CheckinInclude or CheckinExclude the input field Trigger Data expects a valid regular expression (currently not validated) for more info on regular expressions go to

If you expand the dialog to present the advanced options you will see a list of all the available properties from the build script you can override any of these. There will only be a actual result if doing this if you activly use the provided build task for this in your scripts LoadOverriddenProperty.


Trigger Type = CheckinInclude
Trigger Data = \$/DEMO

This input will trigger a build every time someone checkin a file that lives under the root $/DEMO in source control.

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