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Build Alerts is a feature where you can configure TFSBuildLab to execute a command whenever a build fails. This can be useful (and very effective) to for instance kick off an alarm or turn on a flashing light.

The build alert is triggered whenever a monitored build fails and is reset whenever the build is working again. The alarm may also be reset manually by selecting "Reset Alert" on the tool tray icon's context menu.

Configuration for the alerts is made directly in the app.config file for the notification client (not likely to change that often) by just adding an "AlertCommand" and a "ResetCommand". Missing or empty configuration is treated as "do-not-generate-an-alert". The command specified is fired off as a shell process and currently simply has the format <command> <argument list>.

Here's a sample of what the alert and reset commands can look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<add key="AlertCommand" value="C:\Program Files\Gembird\Power Manager\pm2.exe -on -device1 -socket1"/>
<add key="ResetCommand" value="C:\Program Files\Gembird\Power Manager\pm2.exe -off -device1 -socket1"/>

We've tested this feature with the following products (oops, swedish sites):

USB controlled power switch:
Rotating lamp:

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