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Once you have successfully configured the notification clients with the build types you are intressted in listening on (for more information see configuration notifications) you will receive ballon notifictions originating from the TfsBuildLab tray icon when every a monitored build starts, stops or completes. The information you will receive will look like this:

The TfsBuildLab tray icon will change colour indicating the state of you monitored builds:
  • Green - All builds have completed successfully
  • Yellow - At least on of the monitored build types is running
  • Red - At least on of the monitored build types has failed
Also when you double click the tray icon you will display the status summary (as displayed below) this summary will display the current status of the monitored build types (it will also display information about the monitored checkin paths). The status summary is also available from the context menu of the tray icon.


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