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The build queue tab is the place where you can view what builds are currently queued up in the system. You can reorder the queued builds in case you really need a build to execute pronto or if you like you can delete a build from the queue and you can ofcourse put builds onto the queue.

To delete a build you simple select it from the grid in the middle part of the tab and then press the remove button in the lower part of the tab. If you need to reorder you select the build and either press move up or move down to move the build up and down in the execution order.


Finally if you need to queue a build maybe someone else is running a build on the server you need you simple press the queue build button in the lower left corner of the tab, this will bring up a dialog prompting you for which team project and the build type you which to queue (it will use the designated build server).


If you expand the dialog to present the advanced options you will see a list of all the available properties from the build script you can override any of these. There will only be a actual result if doing this if you activly use the provided build task for this in your scripts LoadOverriddenProperty.

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